A few of our feedback comments

There aren’t enough words to thank you for the amazing care and love and respect you have given F…  Never be in any doubt, the dedication you have given to F has not only been a huge part of his happiness over recent years but has set him up for a positive experience at school and beyond.  What you have done for him will far outlast his time in nursery.  We truly believe it will be a key part of the foundation for a happy and successful life ahead.  Very few children with F’s needs are as lucky.  We as a family will never forget what you have done for him and us.


They say it takes a village to raise a child.  During a year where we have been unable to see grandparents and friends, nursery has been a constant for N and we don’t know what we would have done without you.


Helen, your philosophy, and unerring belief in making this such important phase of child development fun, stimulating, challenging, sets a remarkably high benchmark and results in positive, happy and considerate children who are not only kind and confident but also eat an amazing variety of vegetables and claim that white bread is not bread at all!  In addition, the personal touches, reassurance at parent’s evenings and Christmas presents which perfectly suit, have made the experience feel special, integrated and kind.  A place where S always wants to go and I feel assured he gets all the cuddles and support he would at home but offers him beyond that, the opportunity to socialize and interact with others.


On reflection of Helen being awarded an MBE for Services to children and families in Nottinghamshire, Purnima Tanuku, chief executive of National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) said: “We are delighted for Helen to be honoured with an MBE which is as a result of her passion and dedication to supporting her local children and families.  “Her determination to keep her settings open during lockdown meant that many key-workers could do their essential jobs on the frontline during the worst days of the pandemic.  October 2020 – www.daynurseries.co.uk/news

Purnima Tanuku

My three children have been with you guys from tiny babies until going to the Comp.  The care and love you have shown each of them has been amazing.  You have a huge staff team who are so committed to the children.  I appreciate that staff come and go, but am always amazed at how you manage to replace each leaver with another brilliant person –  clearly your ability to recruit to such a high level and then train individuals up to your standard is incredible.  A huge well done and thanks to you Helen and your entire team.

Dear Helen and Ed,

I have just paid my final wboosc fee.  It feels pretty sad that both girls have been with you for so long and its coming to an end.  Thank you for all you have done through nursery and then kids club.  I don’t know what I would have done without your brilliant child care.  You are both just wonderful. 

Thank you for everything.

I didn’t realise just how much my child did at nursery until I went and joined in one morning.


You have been the best boss I have ever had and totally inspired me.  I would never have got the position of senior teacher without the amazing start you gave me.  Thank you.


Excellent approach to tackling the biting problem we had.  Staff clearly know the children well and have built positive relationships with M.


Thank you for all the detailed and clearly set out information you have been providing.  It must be incredibly difficult thinking of ways to implement and manage the changes needed when you reopen.  We feel so happy to know M has a place at such a brilliant and safe nursery, the fact that you are closing your summer holiday provision to make space for the nursery children to spread out safely, at a financial loss to yourselves, just goes to show that.

Katie – during the pandemic

I know that the childcare service you provide is of exceptional quality and I would never put your business in-line with other nurseries as the quality of childcare you provide is truly outstanding.


We have been using the nursery for 10 years now and we have always had exceptional childcare…. Whilst A was in your care you have truly gone over and above for him and us as a family and we have always been so happy handing him over to you as we knew he was getting the best care possible.


My daughter joined wboosc kids clubs when she was four years old.  Her disabilities mean that she has incredible needs.  As she now moves on, having become too old for wboosc, it scares me that I will struggle to find any organisation or even individual who will show her so much love and care that you, Ed and your amazing team have done.  You are absolutely unique and I am so unbelievably grateful for the kindness, reliability and inclusiveness that wboosc have provided her and myself with.  Thank you – we will never forget you.

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