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Good Nutrition


healthy eating

Providing excellent nutrition, teaching children the value of healthy eating, good emotional, oral, and physical health and staying hydrated.

We believe in providing our children with the best possible start through every aspect of nursery life. Good nutrition and a well-balanced diet are essential to good health, helping lift spirits and helping children learn. When organising our menu, we work with this in mind, ensuring our children’s menus not only in meeting all their daily needs but in inspiring food choices, making meal-times meaningful enjoyable experiences and hopefully extending on foods eaten at home.

Quality starts with our nursery food manager who works closely with Helen in creating a varied menu for the children and then choosing quality ingredients and turning those ingredients into a delicious filling meal.  Our keyworkers then regularly feedback how well the children are eating different foods and any changes in individual’s dietary needs so that we are always providing the best we can for each child, adapting our recipes if necessary.

Today, we so often hear about additives added to processed foods, pesticides used on food, antibiotics being added to meat, genetically modified foods, and childhood obesity.  We do our absolute best to avoid all of these, taking care with our menus and providing children with freshly cooked homemade meals full of antioxidants, nutrients and lots of fruit and vegetables throughout the day to give our children vital energy and help cleanse and rejuvenate their bodies. We recognise that we play a large part in shaping children’s eating habits and aim to enrich children’s intake and food choices. Meals, and food activities that our keyworkers offer, are from a variety of cultures with most of the food provided made from scratch, ensuring that there are no added salts, sugars, or additives. Where possible reduced sugar and fat recipes are used. We try to use organic milk wherever we can.

Produce is all fresh (bought locally where we can) or delivered regularly ensuring food rotation is completed.  Care is taken when receiving delivered food to ensure that the van’s fridge and freezer temperatures are correct so that inferior goods are not accepted.  Meals are created in a specially fitted kitchen, on the top floor, daily ensuring that all children’s individual dietary needs are met.  Our kitchen is annually inspected by Environmental Health (unannounced visit), and we have held the highest rating 5* for many years now.  Our team are advised regularly of children’s needs which are supported by visual reminders in their rooms.

We believe that less cholesterol, less saturated fat, less animal protein, more fruit, more vegetables, no added salt, and more fibre make up healthy food for our children. There are huge health benefits to a primarily plant-based diet for children, rich in a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, protein, beans, pulses and grains and quality, responsibly caught fish.  Over the years’ we have received much positive feedback from parents and beyond on our menu. 

Only the BEst

All our produce is fresh and sourced locally where possible.


Our nursery food manager has worked with us for nearly 20 years and previously held the role of nursery manager.  She fully understands children’s thinking and creates meals that entice them to eat, discovering that they do in fact enjoy a huge variety of food.  She creates a new menu each month which supports festivals, celebrations and planned themed activities within nursery.


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