0 – 23 months

Little Discoverers

Non-mobile babies

Our play space is split into 3 main areas within nursery.  With a floor area of 66 square meters split into five activity areas from separate sleeping room to baby café, there is plenty of space for every child to explore.  Provision is varied, with activities such as excitement trays, sensory activities, art, music, and messy play.  As our little ones build their physical skills, toys and equipment is strategically placed to build core muscles and steady walking.  Our baby and toddler rooms are relaxed and enable little children to bond with their keyworker.

12 – 35 Months

Little Adventurers

Our children under the age of 3 years are in small groups which means sharing space is easy.  Our ‘Little Discoverers’ develop into ‘Little Adventurers’ with their keyworker supporting play and development.  With the different interlinking free flow areas, we can house a huge range of exciting activities.  Whilst one group may be engaged in table-top activities, others may be occupied in free expression activities in the role play corner, train set or simply checking out the books.  Our quieter calming areas provide an ideal space to sleep, enjoy stories or some calm and sensory play, whilst our open free-play areas provide space where the children can be more physically active.   This helps promote independence as children begin to make their own choices.


24 – 47  Months

Little Explorers

As our little one’s transition towards their third year, they become our ‘Little Explorers’ and move downstairs to continue their nursery journey.  At this age, our little ones tend to become extremely inquisitive, and their new play space really caters to this.  This new space means the ‘Explorer’ keyworkers can provide a range of play opportunities for the children whilst still helping to scaffold and grow their learning.  Children are more able to focus for longer periods of time so structured activities are incorporated into planning to help build intellectual skills as well as building on children’s self-initiated experiences.



36 – 59 Months

Little Investigators

Our purpose-built pre-school room offers provision for our ‘Little Investigators’ in the final year of their nursery journey.  This space is designed and set up with a range of areas including art space, construction play, tabletop play and carpet area stories and learning.  In this last year of each child’s nursery learning, we work together to build the foundations to maths and phonics which will be built upon when the children head to school.  School readiness skills are built upon as children develop independence with self-help skills, dressing themselves, using the bathroom and negotiating new experiences.


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