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We have a hugely strong team committed to improving the lives of others. 

Helen plays a major role in the managing and organising of nursery, training, and developing staff and encouraging the improvement of strategies and planning to ensure the children love every minute of their time in nursery.  Her humanistic nature and strategies she deploys, bring out the best in the team for which they are highly rewarded.

We take a holistic view of development, researching different pedagogy from the philosophical theorists.  We do not believe in any one element fits all hence the holistic approach we have.

Our hands on learning, takes on board some of the Montessori approaches.  We encourage children to express themselves to promote independence, resilience and exploration with our keyworkers supporting not instructing – the Reggio Emilia approach.  We love the Forest School style of learning through outdoor and off-site activities, with lots of experience-based learning about the world around us. From bug exploration in our bug hotel, mud kitchen fun and puddle jumping whenever we can!  Friedrich Froebel has a place too with children offered developmentally appropriate play-based opportunities with resource rotation a powerful tool to maintain a learning environment that inspires and provokes curiosity, awe and wonder alongside the curiosity approach of Hellyn and Bennett providing a safe and comfortable home environment for children to be curious and promoting independent thinkers.

Through our Focus Learning activities, children are all offered 1:1 support in their next steps, following ideas from Vygotski’s ‘scaffolding’ theory in which keyworkers help children to build upon their current skills and knowledge. Within this holistic view, we follow the guiding principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage and Birth to 5 matters:

Only the BEst

Guiding Principles that shape our early years setting:

  • Every child is unique – constantly learning, resilient, capable, confident, and self-assured.
  • Positive relationships – enabling children to be strong and independent.
  • An enabling environment with teaching and support from adults – helping children learn and develop by responding to their individual interests and needs and help them build their own learning. Strong relationships between the team and parents/carers.
  • Importance of learning and development at their own pace – ensuring special educational needs and disabilities are supported, equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice and a quality and consistent team engaged with the children.

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